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Midweek Motivation 5 // Don’t look back


Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. On a Monday there’s still a little bit of happiness inside us leftover from the weekend, but by Tuesday this has all run out and it’s back to the boring week. By Wednesday we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then Thursday and Friday just whizz by in a flurry of cake and free lessons.

Tuesday though, urgh. We all need a little motivation to get through a wet, windy and miserable Tuesday.


I guess this is applicable to everyone, we’ve all achieved something, whether that be climbing Everest or keeping up our new year’s resolution for all of January (the latter being me, I must say it is my personal best), even just managing to do something you’ve struggled with is a really good achievement.

These are the things we should look back on and be proud of. We should concentrate on the things we did that made us happy, enriched our lives and that made us proud of our little selves. We spend too much time wondering”what if I’d done that instead?” when really you can’t change it, and you just make yourself annoyed. Sure, it’s useful to look on your mistakes and learn from them, but there’s a difference between learning from them and moving on, and just constantly thinking of the negative things in our past.

It may seem a little new-age-hippie but if you surround yourself with a bubble of positivity then you’ll make yourself happier, as well as the people around you. Be proud of that perfect crème brûlée you finally made, or that giant gooey triple chocolate cake you resisted (or didn’t, ahem). Try to think each day of one thing you’ve done that you’re proud of or that made you happy, and do it again. I bet you’ll be happier within a week! Maybe even two days.

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4 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation 5 // Don’t look back

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